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U9 Netball v Walthamstow Hall



U9 Netball v Walthamstow Hall

U9A v WH U9A Won 3 – 2
U9B v WH U9B Won 4 – 1
U9B v WH U9C Won 8 – 0
U9C v WH U9D Won 4 – 0

Once again, all girls in Year 4 walked up to Walthamstow Hall for netball matches. They had four teams to play against our three.

The U9A team took a while to settle into their game. They allowed Walthamstow Hall to intercept loose passes and set up their attack. By half time we were one goal down. After a team talk we approached the second half with a more determined attitude and this resulted in us competing at a higher level. The final result was a 3-2 victory to us.

The U9B team played against their C team, and quickly established themselves as the better team scoring 5 goals in the first half to no reply. Sophie was particularly on form, and found space easily to score from. Freya I worked well with Sophie and also scored a few goals in the afternoon. Cara and Amelie also had a chance to shoot and both converted shots. After one or two team changes, they scored another three goals to take the match 8 – 0.

The B’s then played Walthamstow Hall B team and were well warmed up. The team resumed their strongest formation for the first half, and again romped into a 4 – 0 win. However, Walthamstow Hall competed well in the second half, and scored a good goal. The final score was 4 – 1 to Granville. Izzy was very strong in defence for us.

The U9C team played against Walthamstow Hall D team. We settled quickly into the game and dominated much of the first half. We were able to pass the ball accurately to our players and had numerous attempts at goal. Imogen was able to secure 2 goals by half time. In the second half, Walthamstow Hall continued to struggle against us as we remained dominant. Gemma played really well in her WA role and kept her positioning brilliantly as did Liyana at GD. With both the Imogen’s shooting and working well together we managed to secure a great 4 – 0 victory.

The matches were well supported, and everyone had a lovely afternoon.