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U9 Netball v Walthamstow Hall



U9 Netball v Walthamstow Hall

U9 A Won 7 – 1
U9 B Won 2 – 1
U9 C Lost 1 – 3

All girls in Year 4 enjoyed playing netball against Walthamstow Hall. The weather was perfect, and teams well-prepared. The PE teachers are very pleased with the progress these girls have made with their netball this term.

The A team were particularly strong in attack, and went 5 – 0 up fairly quickly. Walthamstow Hall fought back, and scored just before half time. Mrs Harman changed the team around a bit, to see girls play in different positions.
The final score was a comfortable 7 – 1 win.

The B team players from both schools displayed good marking skills so it was difficult for either team to link passes together. It was a tight match, and Granville just managed to achieve a 2 – 1 win.

The C team played nicely, and their positioning and passing improved as the game progressed. Walthamstow Hall were good in attack, which gave our
defenders a lot of work to do, which they did well.

The matches were well supported, and everyone had a lovely afternoon.