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Visit to The Microsoft Training Academy in London



Visit to The Microsoft Training Academy in London

We were thrilled to receive an invitation from Microsoft UK for three Granville girls to spend an afternoon at Microsoft Training Academy in their London office. Much thought went into choosing the three girls to represent The Granville. It was a very tough decision to make, especially as we have many enthusiastic young programmers at the school. The girls were selected for the different coding skills they have and because they excelled in at least one area of programming (Python, Java Script, Micro Bits, HTML or Scratch) through their own self learning.

“During our visit to the Microsoft Academy, we designed road safety models using Micro Bits (devices that can be programed by a computer). We made a traffic light and barrier to slow cars down. After presenting our design, we moved onto designing a 3D model. Meredith and I made a lama which we made sit on a water bottle and Lotti, with Miss Barrow, made a dove. It was great fun.” Milly

“When we arrived, we were given some drinks and then we got on with some work. We started off by coding some micro-bits to control LED lights. We then used a small amount of code to make a working traffic light. Afterwards we learnt how to control a motor using a micro-bit and made that into a barrier. We presented our work to the whole group and told them how we made our two items for road safety outside of our school.” Lotti

“After doing the Micro Bits we used the computer app ‘Paint 3D’. We split into pairs and I was with Milly and Lotti was with Miss Barrow. We were shown how to use Paint 3D, we were then given a task to draw a tree. Milly’s and my tree went well to start with, until we were looking at the 3D view of the tree. That is when we noticed something was wrong. The tree had separated and was at a very awkward angle. After drawing the tree, we could create anything we wanted using the app. Milly and I created a lama, and Lot-ti and Miss Barrow created the Granville dove. It was really fun to do. After completing the shape, we used Mixed Reality to place our drawn Lama in the room. You can see it on a water bottle in a photo below.” Meredith

“I was incredibly proud of the girls for speaking up in an unfamiliar meeting room environment, introducing themselves with confidence, and clearly articulating their design and creation for the rest of the students and adults to hear. Their technical work and presentation skills matched and exceeded some of the secondary school students in the room. They’ve obviously learnt so much in their classes and clubs. I was impressed with the way they approached the technical tasks set for them, and when they needed help, they asked intelligent questions based on their solid foundation of knowledge.” Mrs Lewis (Parent)