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Walthamstow Hall Netball Matches



Walthamstow Hall Netball Matches

U10’s win all four against Walthamstow Hall.

U10A won 2-0

U10B won 2-0

U10 C Green won 2-0

U10 C Red won 2-1

Year 5 were all pleased to be able to play netball against Walthamstow Hall. The A team worked hard right from the start, and found space well in open play. They passed the ball with confidence to create goal-scoring opportunities, and managed to score twice. In defence, the girls marked well to prevent Walthamstow Hall from getting comfortable with their game. Set pieces must be remembered though, in order to be even stronger in possession. A good win.

The B’s are a strong unit of players and despite only playing together for a couple of weeks, they have a good team spirit and seemed to be able to work the court well. Every player contributed in a positive way to the team success.

We put out two C teams of equal ability to play half a match each against Walthamstow Hall C team. The Greens played first and managed to pass the ball nicely between themselves in order to allow our shooters opportunities to score. Walthamstow Hall enjoyed as much of the ball as we did, but the difference was in the shooting – with Margaux and Charlotte M being more accurate.

Walthamstow Hall C team were nicely warmed up when they took on our Red team. This was a fast match with the ball being passed well between the players from end to end. Annabelle was very fast in attack, and gave her defender ‘the slip’ on many occasions. Katie and Harriet worked well together in the defending circle and didn’t allow Walthamstow Hall many tries at shooting. However, they scored once but the Granville Reds got two goals.

Well done to all girls in Year 5.