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Year 3 are Romans for the Day



Year 3 are Romans for the Day

Year 3 spent a very exciting day experiencing Roman Life at the Roman Festival at the Dover Museum last Wednesday. The girls started the morning participating in an exciting drama workshop where they were transported back to Roman Britain building roads, shopping in the local markets and attending the bath-house for bathing and beauty treatments. This year as we also had a number of girls dressed as Roman soldiers, complete with helmets, shields and swords and they all got to practise their marching and train for battle exercises, in anticipation of the great Celtic battles that they were to face once they had landed at Dover. Poor Mr Plumb, who was our token Celt for the day, felt the full force of the Year 3 Roman army and he was easily defeated!


Next came a clay workshop. The girls listened very carefully as the workshop leader demonstrated how to make a clay soldier head. The children then moulded the clay to make their own model and decorated them with patterns using tools. They are now drying out in the classroom and the girls are very excited about painting and glazing them.


Our last session before lunch was our favourite! The talk on Roman magic and medicine had the girls gripped from start to finish. At times we had to close our eyes as the workshop leader demonstrated the techniques and tools of Roman doctors and dentists.

After a lovely picnic lunch in the Museum garden the girls had their hair styled in a Roman fashion and had their faces made up as beautiful Roman ladies by the Level 1 Hairdressing students at East Kent College. Some brave girls also had battle scars and wounds applied with make up during this session.

During our final workshop we handled Roman artefacts including a coin dating back to 128 AD, mosaic tiles from a Roman house that had been excavated in Dover and a Roman horse shoe.
Thank you to Mrs Cook and Mr Plumb who accompanied the girls on the trip.


“My favourite activity was definitely the clay making soldiers especially because we got our hands dirty and because we were allowed to add some of our own touches” Amber

“My favourite activity was magic and medicine because I love gross things!” Eva

“I didn’t know that in Roman times if a man wanted to earn money he could just go and be a doctor without taking any tests. He would earn money by not killing many people” Mimi

“My favourite thing to do was get the battle scars. They were very realistic and very popular” Moorkwi

“But I think my favourite was magic and medicine because the person looked at wee, smelt wee and worst of all DRANK wee. But it was actually coffee. So phew!” Isabelle E

“I found out that Romans did not have loo paper so they had to wipe their bottom with their left hand and have the right one as a clean hand for eating” Emilia

“I liked the fact that there were over 50 emperors. I also found out that horse shoes were tied to the horse with string” Amelie