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Year 4 Survival Swimming



Year 4 Survival Swimming

The Year 4 girls practised survival swimming last week, in T-shirts and shorts. Swimming in clothes is an essential lifesaving skill.

The objective is to be able to swim and survive in any condition, even fully clothed. Survival skills enable you to perform an effective self-rescue. The main goal is to train swimmers to meet the basic requirements, so they pose no danger to themselves or others in and around water.

Once in Year 5 they should be able to survive in water for a prolonged period, perform tasks and negotiate obstacles while in the water. In Year 6 the girls will complete the Rookie lifeguard award where they should know how to do at least the following actions:

  • Use personal safety and water survival techniques.
  • Assist other swimmers in difficulty.
  • Swim fully clothed underwater
  • Maintain buoyancy in fully clothed.

It is unrealistic to expect that everyone will be a proficient swimmer. However, they can be trained to participate safely in lifesaving and survival training.

Swimming in your clothes is great fun to learn and practise.