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Year 4 Trip to Battle



Year 4 Trip to Battle

On June 13th, twenty one eager and excited Class 4 girls and their teachers clambered onto the coach, waved goodbye and set off for their long-awaited trip to Battle. After much excitement at finding out who was in which room and a quick exploration round the hotel, we got on the coach again to go to Herstmonceux Observatory.

We spent a fantastic afternoon there. We had a quick lunch then went off to play on all the exciting scientific games. It was a beautiful afternoon so we were very happy to explore the fabulous water and science games outside and a full range of interactive ones inside. In between exploring the games, we visited one of the domes that houses a giant telescope. It is 119 years old and weighs 12 tonnes. It was so large the roof had to open so it could be used. The roof also rotated 360 degrees and the floor could be raised so someone could sit under the telescope. During the afternoon we built bridges (truss and arch) and rockets. Once the rockets were made we went onto the field to launch them. Three flew into the air and one decided on an alternative route – sideways. Before we left we managed to find time to visit their fabulous shop!

The following day we set off for Bodiam Castle. There we took part in three activities – trying on armour, touring round the castle and weaving. We all learnt how to make friendship bracelets with a cardboard frame and pieces of wool. It kept us quiet for ages –including the teachers! Before we left we had a last chance to do some shopping.

On Friday we went to Bedgebury Pinetum. The first activity was a walk round some of the most amazing fir trees. We made Memory Sticks which involved attaching cones to a stick with elastic bands. We learnt about the Douglas Fir, Californian Redwoods and a tree that is used to make nappies. We made a circle which was the same width of the largest Redwood in USA.

However, the highlight of the day, if not the whole trip, had to be the chance to Go Ape! We all donned harnesses (even Mrs Sladdin). We climbed up trees, walked across wobbly crossings and came back down to earth on a zip wire. Some of us were a little scared being up so high and then leaping off the platform but we all agreed it was awesome! We made it back to the coach just as the rain came down.

Finally, after a short coach drive, the tired but happy Class 4 girls duly returned to Sevenoaks to be collected by their parents.