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Year 4 Viking Workshop



Year 4 Viking Workshop

Class 4 spent a day as trainee Vikings! If you thought Granville girls were quiet and demure then you would have been rather surprised to have seen twenty six girls dressed up, decorated with face paints screaming and charging at each other in combat.

However, before they reached the battle, they spent the day learning how to be a Viking. They started by creating a human timeline to see where the Vikings fitted into history. Once they dressed up, the girls spent the morning doing various activities such as spinning, weaving, grinding wheat and making medicines; playing knuckle bones (the Dark Ages version of Jacks); dressing up as warriors and doing some archaeological detective work. They finished the morning making an amulet with their names written on it in Viking runes.

In the afternoon the girls had a Viking Feast – bread, fruit, rabbit stew, dried beef, goats’ cheese and mushrooms. The King and Queen (Lottie and Charlie) and their children (Chloe, Clemmy and Jasmine) welcomed everyone and then they tucked in. The final activity – probably the girls’ favourite – was learning various battle techniques including very loud shouting and roaring to scare the enemy. Be warned – don’t get on the wrong side of Class 4 now they are trained Vikings; they are a force to be reckoned with!

“I enjoyed the feast, weaving, trying on costumes and spinning wool.” (Immy)

“I learnt the Vikings made medicine.” (Isobel)

“Dressing up was really fun!” (Anna)

“The food tasting was fun. Some foods we had had before and some completely
different.” (Amy)

“I enjoyed it when we all ra’d (Viking roaring!) to Wolfblood (Lottie) the new king.” (Vaidehi)

“There was normal food like bread, berries and pears but also food like rabbit stew!” (Gwyneth)

“Grinding flour like Vikings was great.” (Kiki)

“I loved it so much that I want to do it again. The most fun thing I thought was making the medicine. I got to eat cabbage.” (Dido)

“I loved the Viking feast.” (Crystal)

“It was a great introduction to the Vikings. I especially liked making Viking medicines.” (Lottie)

“I loved the food tasting. They had very weird food. I also really liked the face painting and dressing up.” (Lucy)