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Year 5 Carroty Wood Visit



Year 5 Carroty Wood Visit

It was very wet! Despite the heavy rain, Year 5 enjoyed a day out taking part in various activities as part of the ‘outdoor and adventurous’ component of the PE curriculum.

The girls were divided into two groups for their team development tasks. Challenges such as moving a golf ball down a series of half-pipes without dropping it; removing a bucket from the centre of a circle just using ropes; stepping onto a series of plates in numerical order in the fastest time and moving through a woodland pathway as a team on giant skis all tested the girls’ ability to ‘think outside the box, and work as a team.


Following a short break, the girls had a go at archery and abseiling. To confidently lean backwards and walk down the abseiling tower was not as easy task, but almost all the girls achieved it. The fastest time was 15 seconds from top to bottom!