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Nine of our best athletes in Year 6 went over to Kent College to compete in an athletics meeting. All the girls performed really well and faced some strong competition from the Kent College girls.

Results are as follows;

80m Sprint—2nd Kara, 3rd Izzy and 5th Grace
160m Sprint—1st Lucinda, 4th Louisa
640m – 3rd Telia, 4th Annabelle, 5th Grace.
Hurdles – 2nd Annabelle, 3rd Eleanor.
Long Jump – 1st Kara, 4th Eleanor.
High Jump – 1st Izzy, 2nd Annabelle.
Javelin – 1st Lucinda, 2nd Telia.
Shot – 3rd Izzy, 4th Anika.
Discus – 1st Lucinda, 3rd Anika.

Granville and Kent College were neck and neck with regards to points and so it all came down to the final event, the relay. Fortunately Granville were able to secure first and third place which made us the winners of the meeting. Fantastic! Well done to all our athletes.
Representing the Granville were, Lucinda, Izzy, Telia Eleanor, Kara, Anika, Grace, Louisa and Annabelle .

A special mention must go to Lucinda and Izzy who performed exceptionally well in their individual events.

Final Result Kent College – 136 points Granville – 148 points