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Year 6 v Mums (and a Dad)! Rounders match



Year 6 v Mums (and a Dad)! Rounders match

Yr 6 snatch victory in the final few balls!

Girls: 15 rounders    Mums: 12.5 rounders

The Mums in Neon looked fab! The girls wore baby bunches, and looked very sweet! There were three parts to the contest.


The first group of Mum’s and daughters took to the field, and after some awesome backstop to first post throws from Jules Johnston to Sue Child, 4 daughters were out in a row! The score was 2 – 2.


The second group came on, and fielding was tight from both sides. Suzanne Bullock took a great catch to get Alice C out. Another rounder each levelled the score at 3 – 3.

july 065

The A team then faced their Mums, and scored 3 more rounders, to one from Kimberley N-P. At half time, the score was 6 – 4, with the girls in the lead. The Mums batted well at the beginning of the second session, with Mrs Revess and Karen C  scoring whole rounders, and Mrs Child and Mrs Day half each. The girls could only manage two halves, so the score was now 7 all.

july 066

The penultimate innings was tight. Neither side wanted to lose. The girls came out fighting, and Nicole, Freya, Grace P and Rosie all scored one each. Grace B got a half. The pressure was on, but Suzanne B and Moira B scored beauties, and ‘someone else’ a sneaky half. The score was now 11.5 – 9.5 with one innings left to play. The parents scored three more to take the lead. The last group of girls had to hold their nerve, and wait to attack the ball. This they did, and scored another 4.5 to take the match.

Congratulations to all players who took part. The girls chose Amanda ‘speedy’ Mackenzie, Suzanne ‘I can catch anything’ Bullock, and Karen ‘whacker’ Cox as ladies of the match. Thanks to Kimberley for organising the Mums. A great way to end the term. We will miss you!

july 031