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‘One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.’ Frank Smith. 

The acquisition of language skills is more than just learning to speak a foreign language. It has a wider impact on children’s intellectual growth and enriches cognitive development.

We aim to make French lively, varied and enjoyable and to give our children the capability and confidence to understand and use French for effective communication. Our teaching approach is to foster a love of other languages and encourage the necessary skills that will lay the foundation for future language learning. Pupils develop the ability to understand what they hear and read, and to express themselves accurately in speech and writing. In the Early Years and Key Stage One we place great emphasis on oral and aural skills. Reading and writing skills are gradually introduced from Class Two. By the time the girls leave us they have a sound grasp of basic syntax, a wide vocabulary and are ideally placed to make excellent progress at their next school.

Pupils put their French into practice with a fabulous four day trip to Northern France in Year 6 where the visits involve lots of French speaking activities to encourage the girls to use in real life what they have learned in the classroom.

Japanese club

We had great fun at Japanese club this term, learning the names of some colours in Japanese, creating some jumping frogs from origami paper, and dressing up in Kimonos.

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 Class One Mini Beasts June 2017

The girls in class one have been learning the French for some mini-beasts – un escargot, un papillon, une coccinelle and une grenouille. We all made our own ‘chenille’ using pipe cleaners so that we could perform our rhyme ‘Toc toc toc petite chenille? Chut! Je dors. Toc toc toc petite chenille? Oui je sors! 1,2,3 un beau papillon!‘

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2014/2015  French News

Language Day 2015

Residential Trip to France 2015

Year 6 learn about l’Auvergne

French Penfriends



Annual Residential Trip to France

Year 6 spent three days in France at the beginning of May.   Click here to read about the 2017 trip ….