Beyond the Classroom

The Granville is a hive of activity on some mornings before school, at lunchtime and after school. Our programme of extra activities provides the opportunity to discover the world beyond the academic curriculum helping children to become well rounded individuals. Life beyond the classroom enables the children to learn new skills, develop their individual talents and extend their knowledge. It also helps to develop their team building skills and self-awareness. Activities include: choir, orchestra, ensemble, maypole dancing, drama, touch-typing, computing, gardening, cooking, chess, pottery and sculpture, team practices, running, tennis, swimming, football.

Trips, visits, visitors, projects and community initiatives all support and enrich the additional learning done in the classrooms.

Our Forest School and Outdoor Woodland Learning School is another focus to provide hands-on, practical skills.

Prep (homework) takes place every evening from 3:50pm to 4:30pm and is supervised by a member of staff.

“Pupils extra-curricular achievement is excellent. [The clubs] provide extensive opportunities for pupils to find and develop their aptitudes and interests.”

ISI Report 2017

“The governors provide excellent oversight of the school, in line with the aim to provide a happy environment in which children feel secure and valued.”

ISI Report 2011

“Pupils benefit from an excellent all-round education… An atmosphere of enjoyable, collaborative endeavour permeates school life, and is reflected in high achievement across a wide range of academic and other disciplines.”

ISI Report 2017

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