Pastoral Care

The happiness and welfare of our girls is of prime importance and all members of staff are involved in pastoral care. We encourage a caring and supportive learning environment in which everyone feels safe, friendly and secure.

PSCHE in the promotion of Pastoral Care

Our structured programme of PSHCE aims to build self-esteem and interpersonal relationships. It also raises awareness about important health-related issues. The girls have regular ‘circle time’ sessions, where they can discuss issues and help one another. This helps to enhance social skills, develop self-esteem and to initiate collective responsibility. The girls also learn about citizenship, making a positive contribution to their community, about the institutions of British life and culture and e-safety.

Positive Relationships

Staff provide a high standard of support, guidance and care to all pupils from the very youngest in Kindergarten to the girls in Year 6. Everyone at The Granville is known and relationships between staff and pupils are excellent, open and communicative. Relationships between pupils are also excellent.  Pupils care very well for each other and they are polite and courteous. The importance of respect for each other is taught from an early age and children know who to turn to if they need help.


Clear policies are successfully implemented to promote good behaviour and to guard against bullying. Bullying is extremely rare, and when it does occur it is dealt with quickly and effectively. All staff are fully aware of any issues or pastoral concerns, and this is facilitated by weekly meetings and an electronic pastoral information system.

Healthy Eating

A dedicated catering team provides fresh, home-cooked lunches, including a vegetarian option, and we support local businesses wherever possible. The girls choose from a variety of tasty hot and cold foods. Parents can plan evening meals with the help of our online menus. We also grow vegetables within the school grounds and children are encouraged to sample unusual fruits and vegetables.


We aim to communicate frequently and effectively, as we believe the partnership between school and home is paramount. This is achieved through parents and staff communicating: via message books/ homework diaries, talking at drop off after school, or on the telephone or via email.

“Lunch is a pleasant, unrushed occasion with plenty of nutritious food available.”

ISI Report 2011

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