Learning Development

In the Learning Development department, four specialist teachers support children with their learning needs. Pupils may be taught on a 1:1 basis or in small groups. Others may be supported within the classroom. Much support is offered in English, including reading, spelling, handwriting, proof reading and comprehension, and Maths. This individual attention allows the pupils to resolve any problems they may be experiencing and helps to give them the all-important feeling of confidence and achievement.

Depending on the need, a child may continue to have support throughout her time at The Granville or a short period of extra help maybe all that is required.

Close liaison is maintained between Learning Development staff and each class teacher to agree the course of action and to monitor progress.  In addition, an open relationship withparents is encouraged.

“Pupils extra-curricular achievement is excellent. [The clubs] provide extensive opportunities for pupils to find and develop their aptitudes and interests.”

ISI Report 2017

“The governors provide excellent oversight of the school, in line with the aim to provide a happy environment in which children feel secure and valued.”

ISI Report 2011

“Pupils benefit from an excellent all-round education… An atmosphere of enjoyable, collaborative endeavour permeates school life, and is reflected in high achievement across a wide range of academic and other disciplines.”

ISI Report 2017

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