Pre School

Our youngest Granville pupils begin their school life in our Kindergarten classes, where they can join in the term that they turn 3.  They start in the ‘Red Room’ where they enjoy a warm and gentle welcome into our happy, safe and stimulating environment.  Our new joiners often only stay for the morning sessions as they settle into the Kindergarten routine.

Once children have settled into Kindergarten and are ready for the next step, they will move across to the ‘Yellow Room’, where their proficiency in all spheres of learning is further developed.

Kindergarten is the perfect setting for our children to develop their independence, their imagination and individual interests.  The happiness and well-being of our boys and girls is catered for through a rich variety of play and learning activities in an inspiring and exciting environment. We use a thematic approach linked to the interests and development of the children, which translates into a broad, stimulating timetable which covers everything from first hand experiences such as hatching our own chicks, collecting eggs from our chickens, to phonics and numeracy and the excitement surrounding early reading.

Our qualified and experienced staff provide a caring, well organised and stimulating atmosphere where children’s natural curiosity is nurtured and encouraged to the point when children are ready to acquire and develop more formalised skills. This builds a solid foundation as they approach their transition to the Reception class and when this becomes a girl’s only environment. The emphasis is on delivering a balanced curriculum which is based on the Early Learning Goals and then greatly enhanced! Children thrive through teaching which encourages and recognises their individual talents and achievements.

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