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The Granville promotes the importance of Science as a vital component in helping our pupils explore the world around them. Designed to arouse their natural curiosity, it is presented in a practical relevant way, which enables the acquisition of a systematic approach to learning. Pupils enjoy specialist facilities (and specialist teaching in Years 3 to 6) including a well-equipped Science laboratory, individual iPads and extensive grounds for fieldwork.

In the Early Years and Key Stage 1 the children study discrete topics rather than Science as a separate subject. While some topics such as ‘Space’ have obvious links to Science, all the topics offer the children opportunities to explore and engage with the world around them, making strong cross-curricular links and laying firm foundations to allow further exploration of Science as a separate subject in Key Stage 2.

In Key Stage 2 the children further develop their investigative skills, including planning, predicting, measuring, data handling and evaluating. This practical approach is embedded within the curriculum, with contexts for investigations taken from all areas of the Key Stage 2 syllabus, including ‘Life and living processes’, ‘Materials and their properties’ and ‘Physical processes’. There are ample opportunities for children to practise core Maths and English skills, and cross-curricular links are made; for instance, a study of evolution is linked to the life and times of Charles Darwin. The children also get the opportunity to experience practical applications of Science as they are encouraged to think like engineers, coming up with their own inventions, and even experiencing being an engineer, for example by building structures. In the 2017 we were awarded a Space Education Quality Mark (Bronze award) showing our dedication to using the topic of Space to inspire children across the entire school in a range of subjects and the high quality of linked lessons, clubs and contact with space professionals.

Another key aspect to the children’s learning is that children explore the need to have an analytical approach to evidence. They learn to accept scientific theories and ideas through their own practical work and by looking at how good evidence provided is. For instance, Year 5 debate using evidence to prove that the Earth is round.Pupils are encouraged to work independently and think creatively when problem solving. They are also given opportunities to work in pairs, or groups, to allow the sharing of ideas and promote co-operation.We aim for pupils to leave the Granville with a strong foundation in scientific theory and practice and the confidence and interest to apply this knowledge to new challenges at secondary level.



The School also has an active Eco warrior team, who help the school be environmentally aware and suggest Eco related projects that the school looks to undertake.

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