Our School Christmas Productions

24th December 19

The Nutcracker – Year 1 and 2

Years 1 and 2 performed ‘The Nutcracker’ to friends and family. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves. It was a magical performance full of colour and the perfect way to start our Christmas celebrations.

In the words of the Year 2 girls:

‘We both really liked dancing and the whole play!’ – Bella and Avni

‘I enjoyed doing the battle scene’ – Rose and Caroline

‘We liked the dancing because our mummies were really impressed’ – Lara M and Sophia

‘We liked watching the dancing because we were sitting under the Christmas tree’– Cornelia and Flo

My Favourite Things – Kindergarten

This year Kindergarten’s Christmas entertainment was called ‘My Favourite Things’. Everybody dressed up in their favourite outfits and came on stage carrying their lanterns. The Yellow Room children described what they liked about Christmas and what they were going to do to help at Christmas, such as wrapping presents or decorating the tree.

Both Red and Yellow Room sang some jolly Christmas songs and recited some poems.

Nativity – Reception

Reception took us all back to the time of Jesus’ birth. We remembered why we call it Christmas!

The girls had their own ideas for what they liked the best about the performance!

I liked walking with Mary and Joseph and the angels.

I liked when Mary leant on my shoulder, it kept me warm.

I liked when the kings were riding on their camels.

I liked singing all the songs

I liked the whole play

I liked being an angel

The’ Knock On The Door’ song was my favourite

I liked seeing all my family watching me

My brother thought I was really good as a Wise King

I liked holding baby Jesus –I rocked him to sleep.

I liked being a king

Being an angel was fun, even if the costume was a bit itchy

My Granny and Grandpa watched me – I liked that.


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