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Reach for the Stars

16th October 2020

Watch our music video a wonderfully light-hearted whole school community collaboration.

Our Sports’ Captains issue a Speed Bounce Challenge

16th October 2020

Watch this message from our Sports Captains who would like to issue a Speed Bounce challenge for the children in school. Keep watching for a great demonstration!

A message from the Penshurst House Captains

16th October 2020

Watch our video about Penshurst and what it means to belong to Penshurst House.

My Dyson Challenges – Science is Fun!!!

17th June 2020

Dyson challenges are really fun, and I wholly recommend having a go! Here are three of my experiments: Balloon Kebabs When you put a skewer through a blown-up balloon, you would think the balloon willpop straightaway! But it doesn’t, as long as you put the skewer through the places in the balloon with the least…

Mrs Harrington’s Granville Challenge Number 9!

1st May 2020

Mrs Harrington has been taking part in the Granville Challenge and has enlisted the help of her family. They have done lots of baking and den building, but they are most proud of the their Corona-virus inspired dance routine for challenge number 9. Watch the video to see how they did! Video


30th April 2020

Our very talented cello teacher, Mr Dan Burrows, has been busy during lockdown. In between teaching all his pupils, Mr Burrows has been doing some multi-tracking. Click HERE and relax for a while listening to the amazing music he has produced  

French News

28th April 2020

Year 1 have started a new project on mini beasts. This week in Mme Condren’s video they learnt how to say ‘une araignée’ and how to sing ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ in French. Here are some of the girls’ lovely pictures, all labelled in French.       Bravo, Victoria, Annabel G and Isla!

Art News

24th April 2020

In Art this week all the year groups have been perfecting their observational skills by challenging themselves to create a ‘continuous line drawing’ :   Isabel Ellison was inspired by the sculptor Andy Goldsworthy to create this design from natural materials:   Below are some of the Year 6 Oil Pastel Sgraffito:

Kindergarten Hatched Some Eggs!

26th March 2020

Three weeks ago, Kindergarten set some eggs in an incubator. We have been counting down the days until the eggs hatched. On Tuesday, we were rewarded when the first chick popped out! We watched as an egg moved and a hole appeared. Then we could hear cheeping and a tap tap tap as the chick…

Scientist in Reception

17th March 2020

Today we became scientists to find a way to ‘see’ germs! We did an experiment and all we needed was some bread. We had one slice as the ‘control’ which no one touched and it went straight into a bag. The second slice of bread was touched with dirty hands. Then we had to think…