Year 6 and Reception News!

13th February 20

This week Year 6 have been learning more about ratio and proportion. To put this into practise, whilst developing their Junior Leadership skills, they carried out a lesson with the Reception children to create biscuits for our Number Day treats sale. Year 6 thought carefully about the proportion of icing sugar and water needed for the icing. Each biscuit needed a certain number of chocolate chips, strawberry laces, raisins and marshmallows for the decorations so the girls used their knowledge of ratio to ensure they had the correct ingredients to decorate multiple biscuits.

The Reception girls made some domino biscuits using their number bonds to six, as well as some marshmallow digits and smiley NSPCC faces.
Year 6 showed great leadership. They set up the room, helped and encouraged the Reception girls with accurate instructions and even washed up afterwards! It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning for both classes.