My Dyson Challenges – Science is Fun!!!

17th June 20

Dyson challenges are really fun, and I wholly recommend having a go! Here are three of my experiments:

Balloon Kebabs

When you put a skewer through a blown-up
balloon, you would think the balloon willpop straightaway! But it doesn’t, as long as you put the skewer through the places in the balloon with the least “surface tension” (where the balloon is least stretched). We even did a competition who can make the biggest balloon kebab.




Non-Newtonian Fluid 

Non-Newtonian Fluid is much more fun than
any slime! It is a very thick mixture of corn
flour and water and you can make it in less
than one minute. It acts like a normal
(Newtonian) fluid, in other words, it flows
and drips, until you hit it when it becomes
instantly solid!!!
My next project is a purple sparkly
Non-Newtonian Fluid.


Expanding Balloon

When I put an empty water bottle covered with a
balloon in cold water, nothing happened. But when I put
the water bottle in hot water, the balloon expanded on
its own! It is because the air in the water bottle
expanded when the hot water made the air hotter.
I am working on designing an air balloon which can carry
a few ants.


By Emily (4S)

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