Year 3 Roman Day

16th June 23

On Wednesday 7th June, Year 3 enjoyed dressing up and taking part in Roman Day. They did so with great enthusiasm and approached all activities remarkably well. Initially, we had a photo shoot and enjoyed just the notion of dressing up for the day. The girls certainly arrived to class with great chatter and laughter.

Designing our own shields, we had previously learnt how the Romans used these to form a ‘testudo’ which is a formation to help keep the soldiers protected. When they are completely dry, we will have a go at marching, using this approach, as though we are Roman soldiers.

Next, we had the opportunity to create our own mosaic patterns and thought very carefully about our creations. We planned first on squared paper before transferring our design onto card. Some beautiful work was produced.

A hypocaust provided the Romans with their own underfloor heating. We had a challenge to make a model of this using Lego and a tile. When the hairdryer blew hot air into the chamber below, we could feel the tile heating up and could prove how it worked.

We also got to watch a Mr Dilly video on the Romans which helped to add to our learning. It was a busy day all in all and one we will certainly remember in the future.

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