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Dulwich Prep Cross Country



Dulwich Prep Cross Country

The cross county seasons started on a high!

Our cross county season started with a bang at Dulwich Prep. This was a new  competition added to our calendar which was great preparation for upcoming events.

For the first time we took a team of Year 2 runners out which gave them vital experience, and they proved their fitness demonstrating high results! Caroline finished a superb 5th in her first ever race.

The Year 3’s again provided The Granville with high placings seeing Mila winning the girls raced followed by Judy finishing 4th.

The Year 4’s dominated their race, with Isa winning followed by Sophie in 2nd place.

The Granville finished overall first in every year group, with over 90 runners in each race. This was a fantastic achievement.

Well done to the whole team because every position counts towards the overall score!