Scientist in Reception

17th March 20

Today we became scientists to find a way to ‘see’ germs! We did an experiment and all we needed was some bread. We had one slice as the ‘control’ which no one touched and it went straight into a bag. The second slice of bread was touched with dirty hands. Then we had to think where the dirtiest place might be and we decided that the pen we all touched to use the whiteboard was a good idea. We rolled the pen over slice number 3.
What should we always do before we eat? Wash our hands! Half the children washed their hands thoroughly and then touched slice 4, the other half cleaned their hands with sanitizer and touched slice 5.
Photo key:
1. Control
2. Dirty hands
3. Wiped on something ‘dirty’
4. Hands washed with soap
5. Hands washed with sanitizer

We were not able to see the results straight away….we had to wait and watch.
Today we looked at the results!
It was very clear that our hands had lots of germs on them as did various items in our room.
It was also obvious that washing our hands was more effective than sanitizer.
However, we decided that we would be even better now as we wash our hands for longer – 2 rounds of the Happy Birthday song can regularly be heard in the Reception toilet area!



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