Earth Day in Reception

30th April 21

The Reception children have been learning about Earth Day and what we can do to help our planet.
They made an ocean model with rocks, shells and sea creatures but there was also some ‘pollution’ in the form of plastic straws, fishing line, paper and plastic from face masks etc.  They added some boats but when the waves got bigger one sank and leaked its ‘crude oil’ into the ocean (a mix of oil and cocoa). The girls tried to clean it up but the oil ended up all over the sea creatures and rocks and everything was caked in this oily mess.

The girls decided they would have to rescue the birds and animals.  When just wiping them didn’t work they washed them in soapy water but it took such an effort to clean them.

It was quite amazing how such an adult topic engendered the depth of conversation and collaborative learning in our girls.