Year 2 Pirate Day

30th September 22

Class 2 set off for the open seas in search of adventure, excitement and, of course, treasure! The day was packed with pirate activities including outdoor problem solving, making pirate coins for necklaces and making dice for games below deck. There was also some knot tying, song singing and some children wrote secret messages in invisible ink. For the more modern pirates there were also a number of computer- based activities during their time on Miss Barrow’s nearby ship. The day got even more exciting when, just before lunch, Class 2 found a clue hidden on their pirate ship to where some real treasure was buried. In the afternoon, they all trekked up to a nearby pirate camp containing a map room, gunpowder room and a barrel of ‘rum’. Here they uncovered a trail of clues which led to an actual red ‘x’ showing where to dig. Finally, after digging, more digging and yet more digging, they uncovered a treasure box. Amazingly it contained just enough treasure for everyone to take a bag each!

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